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“A School of the Spirit”
The hunger for human connection and spiritual direction is a prerequisite in this increasingly competitive world. The faculty of the Bible College sets a gentle admonition to develop the “CALL” of God in the individual’s life to unleash his/her purposes. God's message to His children that responds to the “call” are compelled to, “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that need not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” (2 Timothy 2:15)

College makes you enter the world from which “The Bible” came from. The programmed study material reflects the historical, cultural and archaeological levels that will influence students to make adjustments spiritually, socially, economically, culturally and politically. Meeting the people in the Scriptures, journey the students to the meaning of their unparalleled encounters between conflict and peace. It also challenges the person’s assumed identity or guise, for a more temperate and distinctive quality. While studying the Bible saints, a new perspective causes a desire for students to take a deeper look at oneself. Gently persuading one to accurately disposition oneself to become a great overcomer, mastering the skills to become a true son/daughter of God.


A comprehensive study of the Scriptures, its origins, inspiration, preservations, and comparisons, are some of the subjects addressed in the doctrines. Many of the basic address of where did the church come from, who started it, when, what is it, and where is it today is a vital requisite? An ecclesiological in-depth study of the term "Church" and its meaning, challenges the contrasting beliefs between the obsolete and contemporary beliefs of the Church. A straightforward survey of the Old and New Testaments enhances the practicalities and the spiritual fulfilment.

Relevant Epistles

The study of the book of Corinthians, Romans, Hebrews and the book of Acts etc., addresses many of the problems concerning morality, doctrinal errors, and misuse of gifts that are commonly found in many New Testament Churches. The comparisons concerning the New Covenant under Christ and the Old Covenant under the Mosaic Law is examined to a great advantage for the student. These courses solidify the connection between the Old Covenant, symbolized by the tabernacles and the New Covenant symbolized by the cross, resurrection and the church.

Factions And Cults

In this course you will study some of the main-line religions and cults. It is a privilege to work step by step through some of their basic doctrines and see how they compare with the scriptures in the Bible. These subjects are examined to refute the agnostic teachings that are keyed throughout the study.

Leadership Courses

The five-fold ministries and who, why, how, when, these qualifications and their families etc., are deliberated in these courses with ethics and psychology of individuals and child psychology.

Evangelism & Missions

These courses will give you basic Bible teachings that become relevant if you are actively involved in ministry with your local church on a regular basis. The subjects practically teach you the basics for evangelism, missions and personal evangelism. A biblical concept of reaching out and the great commission that was given by Jesus Christ Himself and the responsibility that is applied to the local New Testament Church.

Personal Perspectives

These courses are designed to teach the basic and the starting point for the depth in the Christian life. Studying the battles behind life's encounters and its temptations will draw biblical instructions to accomplish success against spiritual attacks. Knowing yourself in Anthropology/Innerman, dealing with the mind with strongholds and skills for personal deliverance is a priority for better. The practical courses for personal enhancement will enable you to sharpen skills to exercise communication techniques.

B.TH Course

A division of Christian theology, which collectively quests for truth in Christianity. What you believe and why you believe it, need answers. It offers accessible answers and serves as a yardstick to talk and write with intelligence and spiritual understanding.
This is a “School of the Spirit” and all notable teaching in practicality and performance of the individual is highly critiqued privately for a more clear presentation in public.


1) The primary function of the college is to feed the purity of the Word of God, resulting in deliverance and the renewing of the mind. The idea is to transform members from converts to become a student of the Word to make application for lifestyle change. We endeavor to pray them through to function and become sons in their local church gathering.
2) Complying with the requirements in behavior, attendance, punctuality and spiritual ethics is a flowing possibility for gifting and positions in the local assembly and the college.
3) Teachers praying with other sons/daughters of the house to raise students for the benefit of the community is a high standard of importance for strong character.
4) It is a priority to outline areas of personal responsibilities as a teacher/lecturer/preacher. Being eligible in keeping within the subject matter without enforcing personal lifestyle philosophies is a subjective responsibility. It also develops the God given call which enables stability.
5) Behavioural ethics e.g. gangsterism, telephone mannerisms, screaming, intimidating students are basic standards towards senior leaders and training students. Outright lying and double standards will soon show up. “Therefore, putting away lying, let every man speak truth with his neighbor, for we are members one of another.” (Eph. 4:25)
6) Dress code should never be imposed as we are open to different personalities that have a personal relationship with the Father and modesty flows from that impact.
7) Once college is over, teachers are requested not to chat up students after hours especially if they are from other churches unless extreme help is needed. Casual social chats give room to cause division and sidetracks students from operating efficiently in their respective churches.
8) Young men/women and our children of the next generation should never be destroyed before they hold the handle. What we cannot control or recognize should never be mocked or attacked without hearing two sides. Never be a participant and a contributor of this dilemma it can return someday.
9) The worse bind is when students come into a new setting with a lot of complains about their previous leaders, but then, forget to grow. After several counselling sessions they try something else, by trying to regulate the organization to their level with students. When that is picked up and challenged again and again, they escape blaming the next lot of leaders. Don’t let drama become a David and correction become a Saul, we RAISE SONS/DAUGHTERS of GOD.
10) Befriending others and supporting like-minded maneuver is a complete opposition to the vision of EBC. Our God given destiny is to promote soundness of mind and dependability that affects our children, local churches, communities and our nation. “Beloved, hear God’s heart for you today—that you prosper in all that you do and be in health, even as your soul prospers” (3John 1:2). Students are not allowed to invite other students to engage in ministry etc. or make the college a public facility for advertising of any kind.
11) The continuous pointer should be that JESUS IS LORD and He is the lover of every soul. The school of the Spirit must “blend in and be open to the Spirit”, if God has a word of prophecy for someone then give it, some may need healing, lay hands and pray etc. Otherwise everything should go normal and nothing is worked up. If 20 year Christians still groping for human love then they need ministry to be born-again and “know” the Father’s love.
12) Loyalty is mandatory, to be faithful, trustworthy, reliable and dependable that culminates around one’s personal relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ.
The above compliances are not completely exhaustive.



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